Communicating Architecture

Phrame is an ArchVIZ studio based in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) since 2015.

We are specialists in architectural and industrial design images, virtual tours and video rendering. We manage projects worldwide, creating stories with our images. Excellence our goal.

The images have our brand, we feel the projects as if they were ours.

Stadium FCBarcelona Aerial render
3D exterior architecture render by Serie Architects
3D aerial render architecture OAOA
3D aerial architecture masterplan render WATG
interior design in a loft of a skyscraper
3D exterior old architecture render
3D exterior theatre render
3D exterior render Santa&Cole
3D interior library architecture render
3D street architectural render WATG
3D interior architecture render
NYC skyscraper architecture render
architecture exterior render 3d
3D sunset forest render WATG
3D aerial exterior architecture render by Serie Architects
interior maritime museum render
3D interior Museum render
3D exterior render architecture Stadium
render exterior architecture house between forest
3d architecture interior render
3D exterior architecture render by Serie Architects
architecture exterior render 3d
interior stadium FCBarcelona render
Aerial Barcelona sea port render
3D Canada render building
3D yoga in forest render WATG
FC Barcelona aerial render 3D
3d architecture monument render
3D exterior render achitecture with snow
3D interior architecture bedroom render
Exterior street 3D image
3D exterior architecture render by Serie Architects
3D Foggy dusk Architectural building render
3D render arquitectura interior
Tower aerial view render
spectacle interior render 3d
Architecture exterior render 3d
architecture interior render 3d
architecture interior render 3d
restaurant interior render 3d
Tower exterior render 3D
Yoga architecture interior render 3d
exterior architecture render 3d
3D interior render architecture stadium
Architectural house in forest render
exterior architectural nature 3d render
interior stadium FC Barcelona render
aerial architecture render
building architecture render 3d
Exterior winter street 3D image
Canada architecture render
Mall architecture interior render 3d
Render FCBarcelona Stadium with Neymar
Dusk exterior architecture building render
interior architecture school render
library interior render view
3D exterior architecture building render