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3D Architecture Stadium exterior rendering image

3D Architecture Stadium interior bowl rendering Image

Archipulse - Al Hoceima Stadium


In the middle of the desert of Morocco the new project of the Al Hoceima stadium grows and blends with the surroundings. The materiality in this architectural project are very important, playing with the tonalities of the place.

The facade grows from the pavement merging perfectly with the materials of the floor until vanishing in lighter colors as it rises to the top of the stadium.


rendering image

Image story


In these still images, we wanted to represent and at the same time transmit the perfect opening of the new stadium. People are happy around the site, with balloons, flags, children playing with the water and everything with the family.

At night and after the opening ceremony and with the fans ready for the start of the game, everything is spectacular, pushing and encouraging the team to win until the end of the game.


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