aerial render of architecture masterplan resort

3D yoga resort in forest

Street of architectural resort render

render of sunset resort in forest

WATG - Casi Cielo Resort


This Eco-Tourist Resort project done by WATG located in the peninsula of Casi Cielo, Panama, has an extension of 165 hectares.

The lanscape Masterplan is designed to be a meeting place to share the feeling of growing and evolve in a village.

To maintain the spirit of the village, the perimeter of the peninsula is not modified and the most important thing is that the houses adapt to the natural form, both on the perimeter of the coast and in the interior of the forest, living within the greenery.


Image story


For the images of this project, we got into the skin of a tourist's life. We wanted to show the relaxed atmosphere of the place.

The arrival by air to the Resort, you can see small houses surrounded completely by the forest, greenery and the turquoise waters of Panama.

The next day in the morning, there's no better way than wake up doing yoga surrounded by tropical fauna and with the fields of the villages... that recharges the batteries to anyone!

In the most tourist area, the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. Only good humor is allowed.

When the sun goes down there's no better way than this combination: hiking, sunset, bonfire, friends and wine.


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