Rendering services


Phrame is composed of a great human team of senior artists, which has our own renderfarm. It is the perfect pack, it helps us to give the maximum quality in less time to our client’s project, be it in architecture, urbanism, engineering and product design.

We always put ourselves to the test with different facets to improve our quality and service to you. Our main rendering services are the following:

Rendering images

In essence, the rendering images offer to see how your still not built project will be. They also help to get investors or buyers to finance the project the views at eye level, This type of images try to imagine how the future user of that space will be.

Creating photorealistic rendering images is our main goal, all the details are important. To see our most common services for still images click on the categories below:

Eye level visualization

Aerial visualization


Product design

Video rendering

We blend architecture and cinematographic skills, stir up emotions that flows with the movements and the music.


Is more than a 3D animation, it tells a specific story of each project

Industrial design

We analyze the product to get the most out of its characteristics


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